HydroSpatial specialise in floodplain engineering and spatial analysis.

Our team have several years experience in computational flood modelling, floodplain management, water resources and spatial analysis. We have worked with a variety of clients; including state and local governments, engineers, town planners, architects, and local residents to deliver projects ranging from the small scale to the large scale. With experience across a range of environments, we can carry out studies on urban, rural and coastal environments.

Tim Morrison


Tim has extensive experience in hydraulic, hydrologic and water quality modelling, as well as the risk and emergency management aspects of floodplain management. He has worked as a consultant, contractor and employee at government agencies and has a strong understanding of the requirements of all industry stakeholders. He has undertaken numerous community consultation projects, particularly in rural communities. Tim brings technical expertise to his projects while maintaining a practical and results focused approach, keeping clients’ objectives at the centre of his work.

Erika Taylor


Erika has extensive experience in urban and coastal floodplain risk management projects. She has strong technical expertise in hydrologic and hydraulic modelling, and has used her skills to train a number of junior staff. With her eye for detail, Erika is fantastic at undertaking peer reviews as well as ensuring that the work we produce is of the highest quality. She always tailors her communication style to match her audience, whether she is presenting to a large group or engaging on an individual level. Erika is equally as comfortable managing a team working on a large project, as she is working solo on smaller jobs.